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Judy Lundquist wrote:

"To Ralph and others on the list:  Could you give references for the 
papers mentioned above, and any  others that you think especially 
exemplify the scientific method?  I am working toward a second career 
as a science writer, and I'm interested in having a deep understanding 
of these issues, as well as seeing examples of writing that are "a real 
joy to read".  (I think horseshoe crabs are pretty cool, too!)"

Three papers that I think are of a very high quality and exemplify the 
scientific method in the sphere of palaeontology are:

Gatesy, S.M. (1990)  Caudofemoral musculature and the evolution of 
theropod locomotion.  Paleobiology 16: 170-186

Budd, G.E. (1998) Arthropod body plan evolution in the Cambrian, with 
an example from anomalocaridid muscle. Lethaia 31: 197-210

Prum, R.O. (1999) Development and evolutionary origin of feathers.  J. 
Exp. Zool. (Mol. Dev. Evol.) 285: 291-306

I support Ralph's comments. I think anyone who questions his wise 
posting should read the above papers (or at least one of them) and try 
and figure out for themselves how the approach therein differs from 


Kendall Clements