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RE: Reuters does its math on new dinosaur

And obviously the journalist never talked with any scientist about
the story. His skill at converting metric to English units rivals
NASA's, and after that report, I suspect the scientists may _want_ to

At that size, it's undoubtedly one of the extinct giant cousins of
the armadillo, which are well-known as fossils. -- Jeff Hecht
No offense to Jeff, but any fossil, whether an Ichthyosaur, Pterosaur,
Mammoth or Glyptodon is considered to be a dinosaur by the media. They want
a great story. It may be just how the public understands the past and may
not even 'get' what the true story would be if the media told it the right
way, so the media has to 'dumb' it down for them. For a test, just stand
behind or near lay people as they comment on dinosaur skeletons. Some of
what they say is so totally off the wall, that  I've considered doing a book
about it.
For example, I was standing looking at the wall at Dinosaur National
Monument and over heard a conversation...
Mom, why are all the bones so jumbled up?
Because that's the way the coyotes left them.