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Re: AMNH exhibit

Nick Pharris wrote:

<Is it the "young dromaeosaur" on page 71>

  Norell et al., 1999, call these two little skulls
troodontids; the new dromaeosaur II paper.

<or the "_Velociraptor_" on page 84?>

  That's Vel's holotype skull, so it's neither, and it
turns out I got the ref wrong: it's the Ackerman
article in one of the 1998 Audubon issues with
*Sinosauropteryx* -- remember? -- and in there its the
skull with anterior cervicals surrounded by genuine
Gobi sand -- really rounded features. Can't remember
the ref, can't find the paper, my zipdrive ain't
responding ... grumble ...

  Sorry for the mixup.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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