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Sue Photos Online (Good ones!)

Hey all,
It's some what coincidental that George and Tracy have been complaining about 
photos and news shots of Sue....  Just earlier today I posted a whole bunch of 
photos I took last week when I had the chance to view the mount of Sue.  You 
can see these at http://www.geocities.com/stegob/suephotos.html

These include a couple views of the mount (one from the museum entance, another 
from the back, one from the balcony, and two of the mounted skull).  I also 
have one of the original skull and its teeth, the pathologies on the jaw (both 
original and cast), the pathologic tail vertebra with muscle imprints, Sue's 
foot, her furcula, and of course, pictures of Susan Hendrickson!

There are also a few photos I took on previous visits to the Field, including 
those of Sue's preparation, unprepared skull, and bone casting.  

Check um out,
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