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Re: Sue on ABC

    Tracy Ford said: [Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2000 5:13 AM
Subject: RE: Sue on ABC]

    "...having seen the news programs on the unveiling of the
skeleton of Sue...wondering whether Sue really is a Tyrannosaurus rex."

    Thanks, Tracy, for mentioning this.  With the cautionary note that I am
a rank amateur in anything concerning T. rex, I confess having had similar
quandries pass through my mind.  Even when trying to allow for taphonomic
complexities, it is the scull of this Tyrannosaur that bothers me a bit. (I
am totally unqualified to comment of the other thing Tracy mentioned.)

    Of course, it may be that we have seen just too few T. rex sculls to
recognize the possible degree of interspecies variation.  After all, I had a
sixth grade Spanish teacher whose head profile made me kid classmates that
she had some red-headed woodpecker genes; and there was the eleventh grade
Solid Geometry teacher who looked, to my perception, as a rather pleasant
old hen clucking her way down the isles between our desks!  Yet, I am pretty
certain that both were Homo sapiens, despite the fact that the Spanish
teaching woodpecker acted very much like aa might Velociraptorid at times.

    Interspecific variation may be adequate to explain at least my quandary,
but I wonder if it may be valuable to examine differences as much as
similarities (pardon the absence of technical terms here).  I don't wish to
advocate being too much of a 'splitter', however, especially if similarities
tell the more important story.

    Ray Stanford