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RE: Sue Photos Online (Good ones!)

>Hey all,
>It's some what coincidental that George and Tracy have been complaining
>about photos and news shots of Sue....  Just earlier today I posted a whole
>bunch of photos I took last week when I had the chance to view the mount of
>Sue.  You can see these at http://www.geocities.com/stegob/suephotos.html
>Great photo's by the way. I checked them out and who ever made the skull
>made it to low. I don't think they corrected the compression correctly. It
>looks way to much like Herrerasaurus.
>Now the public will be mislead into thinking how 'Sue' looked.

Well - the preps did the reconstruction, but under my advice.  And I stand
by that reconstruction.  There was no way to make the snout any deeper.
The real skull is on exhibit on the second floor if y'all want to do some


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