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Re: Origins (was: Re: Sharovipteryx)

bruceshillinglaw@netzero.net wrote:

> > [One interesting bit in the one I read was that mammals had *lost* two of
> > the "original" four pigments, and primates had independently (re)evolved a
> > third pigment].
> >
>     Does this explain why I can't see into the ultraviolet, but birds can?
> And would that indicate that dinosaurs (or at least coelurosaurs) could see
> U.V. as well?
>             B.

        It doesn't "indicate" anything.  However, if birds see UV frequencies,
and assuming that birds are truly descended from coelurosaurs, and assuming
that UV processing didn't arise somewhere else along the line of decent or
conversely assuming that the vision of avian ancestral taxa hasn't changed
significantly, you might be able to wave your arms a bit about the possibility
that perhaps coelurosaurs might have been able to perhaps maybe process UV

(evil grin)

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