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Re: Sue Photos Online (Good ones!)

>In a message dated 5/28/00 4:31:39 PM EST, cbrochu@fmnh.org writes:
><< There was no way to make the snout any deeper. >>
>Most interesting!

OK, before people start doing what I sense people are thinking of doing,
let me say this - there is nothing in Sue's skeleton to indicate it is
anything other than a very large, very mature specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex
Osborn 1905.  As far as I can tell, there is exactly one tyrannosaurid
known from the Hell Creek Formation - Tyrannosaurus rex Osborn 1905.  That
Sue's snout was a little narrower than in the AMNH specimen means only that
- its snout is a little narrower.  And with all due respect to Steve
Brusatte (whose photos are excellent), none of the shots are dead-lateral
images, and so the profiles are a bit distorted.

The tooth count is exactly as in the AMNH skull - 4 in each premax, 12 in
each maxilla.


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