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Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...

Dave Hardenbrook <DaveH47@mindspring.com> wrote

>Of course Disney has been doing *this* since _Fantasia_, with its _T. rex_
>fighting a _Stegosaurus_, while a crowd that includes a prosauropod, a
>rhyncosaur, and a _Dimetrodon_ looks on...

Still...it was kind of interesting to see Protoceratops (I think thats what
that blobby-beaky thing was supposed to be - or was it a rhynchosaur?)
portrayed as an egg-thief rather than the victim as it raided the nest of
a... prosauropod ...oh well if you squint REALLY hard you can almost
believe that she is a well-manicured therizinosaur.

A far more disturbing theropod-related sequence in Fantasia was "Dance of
the hours"...watching all those transvestite ostrich ballerinas bouncing
around. (note they all have MALE plumage!).

In another post, DaveH47@mindspring.com wrote

>Actually, I'm getting tired of the evil theropods in dino movies... Our
>sharp-toothed, bird-like friends need equal time -- a movie that does
>for _T. rex, _Velociraptor_, _Oviraptor_, and _Troodon_ what
>_Born Free_ did for lions!

Terrific...now I'm going to have nightmares about "Raptor Red - The motion

Brian Choo