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Re: JUST a question....

     Just a little correction.  Carbon dating is only done on organic material,
not sediments. Volcanic ash, other sediments,  and clean crystal faces are
sometimes done with potassium/argon testing.  There are variables and
inconsistencies in all these tests to some degree, thus the use of age ranges.
If a sample is "clean", most tests can be relied upon.  Emphasis on "clean".
Each test has a limit on use regarding how many years it can be used for based
on the half-lives of the element used.  Carbon 14 decaying to carbon12 is only
good for about 50,000 years; the half life being 4,560 years.  In the final
analysis, some peolple will not come to believe in anything regardless of the
"proofs" you show them.

Buckaroobwana@aol.com wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm not all that sure about the inconsistencies involved in carbon dating
> other than it is used in the propagana put out by so-called creation
> scientists. Fossils are not carbon dated, but the sediments they're found in
> are. I hope this helps a little.
>                                             Buckaroobwana