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Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...

  For a shamosaur, Earl the Talarurus had pretty
complex head-gear, but a wonderfully novel downturned
squamosal horn.

  Anyway, despite all the inaccuracies of the movie, I
went and watched it one Monday afternoon --- the last
... and enjoyed it. I went to see a story, and it was
a good one, well-written if a bit clichéd. The
storyline is rather reminiscent of a few other diverse
group-on- a-quest--themed films we've enjoyed in the
past, such as Land Before Time. The "acting" is good,
if for one particular ... blech! ... LEMUR. They could
have tried something contemporaneous, but Lemurs were
the human touch, as it were. Brings the kids into it
further. Also, for a movie that had nearly all other
patrons in te theater at the time being under 5
cheering and clapping, there was a surprising amount
of gore, and as a friend remarked a couple nights ago,
since Hercules, Dinsey has gotten quite gory in its
features lately.

  Anyway, no plot summary, no blasting the story for
those who would go see it for the first time, the
movie jumps with an inaccuracy from the first crack of
the shell. Faunal and temporal intermixing aside, the
commercialized scence of the egg of our hero falls
about 200-300 feet into a jungle canopy --- and
doesn't have so much as a blemish on it.

  The oviraptors had really short necks, and I fear
they used Greg Paul's skeletal reconstruction with GIN
100/42's head for the creature ... oh well. We get to
see the Alaskan pachyrhinosaurs fully fleshed and
horned, and they were really well rendered and utterly
cool, so were the styracosaurs; the beaks of these
when Eema, the old styrac, talks, operate liek the
beaks of parrots, with mobile uppers and lowers, and
the horn moves with the uppers. At least they didn't
give her lips. Iguanodonts with lips and
parasaurolophs without gets treated to som realistic
and probable non-muscular pinnate lateral muscles
("cheeks") used to bellow with, but those lips cover
beaks, not teeth, from the continuous and
non-interrupted edge they've got. 

  They play fast and sure with relative sizes, such as
a 30ft. carnotaur about twice the size of a "adult,
male" pachyrhinosaur, which are somewhat _huge_ and
among the biggest (> 25ft.) centrosaurs. Talking
carnotaurs? That would have "humanized" them, and you
weren't expected to like these critters, all the
theropods but the ornithomimes played villian roles,
and this was a taste bad-dino vs. good-dino. "Appeal
to the good-guys, please ...." Still, they were the
coolest critters next to the pachyrhinosaurs, and even
the low-screen-time stygimolochs, based on the
non-Sandy skulls. Earl had a human tongue, ugh!

  Cooperative hunting between the carnotaurs and
velociraptors, but agonistic behavior among the
oviraptors; sheesh!

  The aforementioned grains .... and the arms on the
iguanodonts were way too long.

  One of the rather more interesting features of the
iguanodonts was the nasal bosses on two of them, Kron
(presumable from Kronos, a leader of the Titans) and
Bruton (a brute), as a crest in the former, and as a
pachyrhinosaur-like node on the latter; they appear
non-osseous, and it made me wonder -- would the bony
skulls of *I. atherfieldensis,* *I. bernissartensis*,
or any of the iguanodonts be indicative of a
soft-tissue mount on the snout? The arched nasals of
*Altirhinus* are altogether too narrow or delicate to
even suggest this, but *Ouranosaurus* and
*Probactrosaurus* might have ... are there skull
remains for *Lurdusaurus*, the massive Gadoufauoa

  That does it for my consideration of the errors and
interests in a movie that, despite the errors and
problems I observed as watching it, I told myself to
just watch it. It is a good movie, quality as my
father would say, and I recommend it to those out
there; just don't get too caught up in the critical to
notice the movie itself.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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