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Re: Sundry responses of Bois

<...b) a mistaken view of dinosaurs as "reptiles"...>

Before HP Holtz returns you might want to rephrase this statement.
Another clarification, please:  are you arguing that egg-eating could not be
a significant cause of dino (for short) extinction because certain other
causes necessarily and entirely account for all K/T extinctions?
This appears to be the logic in
<As the evidence of a cosmological and/or cataclysmic geological agent/s
grows more weighty, the need to search for other causes diminishes...>
<We have a set of explanations that already work far better than your
hypothesis (whether they're the truth or not).>
An alternative is the statement that any increase in predation on eggs might
have speeded, but was not essential to extinction.
The difference concerns the implicit assumption of how extinctions work,
which I'm trying to understand.