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Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...

on 05/28/00 10:02 PM, Dave Hardenbrook wrote:

> Actually, I'm getting tired of the evil theropods in dino movies... Our
> sharp-toothed, bird-like friends need equal time -- a movie that does
> for _T. rex, _Velociraptor_, _Oviraptor_, and _Troodon_ what
> _Born Free_ did for lions!
> Is _Oviraptor_ still considered an egg-eater, even in the light
> of the recent discoveries about their nesting behavior?
This is my sentiment exactly! I, too, am getting tired of evil theropods. I
knew immediately, without even hearing anything about the movie, that the
Carnotaur was going to be the bad guy. But they're still my favorite

The oviraptor thing bothered me too. I was surprised that after all the
recent studies that they had it steal the egg. (I found it particularly
amusing when my local newspaper called it a "chicken-like dinosaur" in their

an unqualified, theropod biased view
"The world is round, and birds are dinosaurs."
                                                         -Kevin Padian