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Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...

On Mon, 29 May 2000 10:46:50   Sara Burch wrote:
>on 05/28/00 10:02 PM, Dave Hardenbrook wrote:
>> Actually, I'm getting tired of the evil theropods in dino movies... Our
>> sharp-toothed, bird-like friends need equal time -- a movie that does
>> for _T. rex, _Velociraptor_, _Oviraptor_, and _Troodon_ what
>> _Born Free_ did for lions!
>This is my sentiment exactly! I, too, am getting tired of evil theropods. I
>knew immediately, without even hearing anything about the movie, that the
>Carnotaur was going to be the bad guy. But they're still my favorite

Yeah, is it now politically incorrect to eat meat?  Not only in dinosaur 
movies, and not only in Disney movies......  It just seems that every bad guy 
is a meat eater.  Humans are carnivorous, after all!


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