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Re: JVP, SVP...too many 'VP's...

unfortunate capitalistic 3-ring circuses like "Sue" and "Banbiraptor" are
extremely rare, and hopefully will stay that way."  - Phillip Bigelow

Okay, one of the list lurkers speaks up.

Without denying that specimens should remain "accessible" to scientific
study (via Padian)  we should not just sit on the list and lambaste
educational facilities like FMNH and the Graves Museum.

Having attended the dinobird seminar there, and actually speaking at  length
with their education staff, the Graves Museum has higher hopes than merely
showcasing Bambiraptor.  One of their accomplished goals was to awaken the
wonder of paleontology in a community that has had very little of it.  By
bringing the specimen there, and hosting an international symposium the
Graves showed the local community how to progress their understanding of
paleontology as a science and not just entertainment. This was a commendable
first move on the part of a relatively small museum.

Perhaps we should all assist them in promoting positive paleontological
projects rather than criticizing from our desktops.......

Might make all of our jobs a bit easier.

Jenny Lando
Assistant Coordinator
Moveable Museum/Paleontology of Dinosaurs
Education Department
American Museum of Natural History
CPW @ 79th Street
NYC NY 10024
212-769-5329 (fax)