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Fossil ale

Just a quick follow-up on the "fossil ale" story from Queensland,
Australia, I posted a while back. The beer itself has been brewed, and
has a picture of a sauropod on the front, with the caption "from the
water that dripped off the dinosaurs' back" and the assertion that every
bottle contains "more than a million years of goodness" (and no doubt a
certain amount of alcohol as well).

The rocks that trap the artesian water formed during the Early
Cretaceous, but from what I gather the basin itself did not begin
accumulating water until the Great Dividing Range rose up around 30
million years ago, forming the catchment area (feel free to correct me
if I'm wrong). Even if the water is a full 30 million years old, it's
still a long way shy of the Jurassic (as was claimed by the brewers).

On an almost completely unrelated note, a new artesian basin has
recently been discovered in the remote deserts of Western Australia on
the other side of the country. Apparently it has enough water in it to
supply the city of Perth for the next six thousand years or so. Of
course it's much too far away to warrant piping water all the way to
Perth, and it's probably not fit for human consumtion, but still an
impressive statistic.


        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

        Australian Dinosaurs: