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Re: [Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...]

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 5/28/00 9:01:37 PM EST, DaveH47@mindspring.com writes:
> << Actually, I'm getting tired of the evil theropods in dino movies... Our
>  sharp-toothed, bird-like friends need equal time -- a movie that does
>  for _T. rex, _Velociraptor_, _Oviraptor_, and _Troodon_ what
>  _Born Free_ did for lions! >>
> Also, why don't the carnotaurs talk? Or the ornithomimids and velociraptors?

> And why is the ankylosaur some kind of pet?

  Has anyone of us bothered to ask Disney about this? You know, if we ALL
e-mail with questions at the same time, maybe we'd actually get an answer. 
   But, with Disney, you never know.........


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