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RE: Sue Photos Online (Good ones!)

I understand your position, but to be frank I don't think that there is any
evidence of the quality that palentologists usually require, to support
With all due respect, I think that this is a myth.  

It might be sincerely believed, as myths often are, particularly by people
who run museums, and perhaps some people/institutions who give money to
museums. Imagine trying to convince somebody to donate money to buy an
original specimen if "all"  they put on display is a cast, like anybody
else's cast.  It doesn't sound special enough. Why not let somebody else buy
it, and then get a cast? 

For example is there anything that we would call scientific data that the
public feels this way?  Or that they can even tell what is real and what is

If there was scientific data (a good double blind experiment), or even
marketing studies that show people can really tell the difference, and that
"after a while they lose interest", etc. then it would be very interesting
to know this.  It certainly have enormous implications for museum design,
and would seriously impact vertebrate paleontology.  If any list members
have it, or a reference, that would be great!

Indeed, I think that this is an important question for paleontology - should
originals be mounted?  If somebody hasn't done the study of what the public
wants, they certainly should.

Please note that I don't mean any offense to Chris, or to the Field Museum.

I think that the auction of Sue set a bad example - as many people have

I think that mounting the original is just as bad as the whole
auction/valuation thing - and maybe worse.

Although the Field Museum might well have done a great job (alas, haven't
seen it myself), it would be very bad if it start a trend that every museum
thinks it has to mount the original because they won't all be careful

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> From: chris brochu [mailto:cbrochu@fmnh.org]

> Because, overall, people want to see the real thing.  

> I've seen newly-exhibited cast mounts.  They're great, but 
> after a while,
> people lose interest.  I'm reminded of the line Gilliam has in _Holy
> Grail_:  "It's only a model."