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RE: Sue Photos Online (Good ones!)

It may have been deeper in life, but there's only so much you can do with a
fossil or cast without adding to the restoration.  The quadrates were
splayed quite a bit in the actual skull, and it would have taken
considerable breakage to fix all of it.

This is also why the ribs aren't swept all the way back, as an earlier
commentator observed.  This was not an oversight on our part - the rib
heads and vertebral transverse processes are all distorted.  Had we
articulated the ribs perfectly, the trunk would have been twisted to the
left.  The ribs are disarticulated on the mount, but this was the only way
to make the trunk look like a trunk.

Remember, when mounting real bones, one has to deal with postmortem
distortion.  We wanted to minimize restoration on the bones - restoration
covers up what's actually there, and we wanted to keep the bones as
pristine as possible for future researchers.

Understood, in fact the National Geographic article goes into detail about
that. Probably should have read that first.
The hard part will be to convince the public that.