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References to Egg-Eating Posts (Was: Re: Sundry Responses of Bois)

  As promised, here are the references for the papers
I've cited, including correct citations (I was too
loose with my direct memory, so forgive the errors in
the last messages on the subject).

  Barsbold R. 1977. Kinyetizm i osobyennosti do
chyelyustnosti apparati oviraptora (Theropoda,
Saurischia). [Kinetism and peculiarity of the jaw
apparatus of oviraptors (Theropoda, Saurischia).]
Trudy -- Somestnaya Sovyetsko-Mongol'skoy
Paleontologicheskiy Ekspeditsya 4: 37-47.

  [Does good work to show the jaw of oviraptorids were
   overly built for eggs, and suggests oviraptorids
   were "amphibious" and ate gastropods et al..]

  Cracraft, J. 1971. Caenagnathiformes: Cretaceous
birds convergent in jaw mechanism to dicynodont
reptiles. Journal of Paleontology 45 (5): 805-809. 

  [Directly compares *Caenagnathus* to dincynodonts,
   but does little to assert function to the jaw
   apparatus of either; names new species of
   *Caenagnathus*, *C. sternbergi*.]

  Cox, C.B. 1972. A new digging dicynodont from the
Upper Permian of Tanzania. pp. 173-179. [in Jersey and
Kemp (eds.) Studies in Vertebrate Palaeontology
(Oliver and Boyd {Edinburgh})]

  [Describes *Kawingasaurus* and shows the jaws of
   dicynodonts were rather diversely builts, some for
   soft, some not.]

  Cundall, D. and Deufel, A. 1999. Striking patterns
in booid snakes. Copeia 1999 (4): 868-883.

  [Shows booids have three different main striking
   methods and for different purposes: aquisition,
   threat, non-aquisitive.]

  Deufel, A. and Cundall, D. 1999. Do booids stab
prey? Copeia 1999 (4): 1104-1107.

  [They don't use their teeth when striking, just to
   hold in-mouth object.]

  Frazzetta, T.H. 1962. A functional consideration of
cranial kinesis in lizards. Journal of Morphology ??:

  [Lots of cool stuff as a comparison to Bock's 1964
   paper on cranial kinesis in birds. Again, teeth
   aren't essential to prey holding, the palate is.]

  Gans, C. 1952. The functional morphology of the
egg-eating adaptations of the snake genus Dasypeltis.
Zoologica 37 (18): 209-244. [w/ 4 pls.]

  [See previous posts. Wonderful paper, extensive,
   thourough, they don't get written and analyzed like
   these anymore.]

  Hotton, N., III. 1985. Dicynodonts and their role as
primary consumers. pp. 71-82. [in Hotton, McLean,
Roth, Roth (eds.) The Ecology and Biology of
Mammal-Like Reptiles (Smithsonian Institution Press
{Washington and London})]

  [Summarizes ecology and jaw structure in
   but not much really on jaw function.]

  Also, Grzimek (ed.) is a rather well-distributed
encyclopedia in 14 volumes (1965?) that covers all
major Biota, so i don't really need to summarize it;
besides, can't find my written citation, and I don't
own the volumes.

  Hope this supplements my previous posts, and if I
missed one, let me know.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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