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RE: Sue Photos Online (Good ones!)

Stepping back and taking a layman's view, to me the difference between displaying an original and a reproduction is the "sense of wonder." Walk into a museum and see original bones, and I think "gosh, wow, that thing is X million years old and was once part of this weird and wonderful critter." See a reconstruction, and it's just another plastic dinosaur. That's fine for the kids, but not for more serious contemplation. Kids like the T. rex model at the Boston Museum of Science; I'd rather see the real bones of Kronosaurus at the Harvard Museum of Paleontology.

That's not to say you have to mount the whole specimen or type specimens. But putting something _real_ out there makes the whole exhibit more real. The best compromise would be displaying something relatively common and not particularly valuable, like some dinosaur footprints or a pachycephalosaur dome. -- Jeff Hecht