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RE: Sundry responses of Bois

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> philidor11@snet.net wrote:
> >><...b) a mistaken view of dinosaurs as "reptiles"...>
> Before HP Holtz returns you might want to rephrase this statement.<<
> Rephrase how? I placed "reptiles" within quotation marks,
> qualifying it, for
> two reasons: 1) Reptilia is paraphyletic and 2) I was referring to the
> outdated perception of dinosaurs (and many other "reptiles," for
> that matter)
> as sluggish, lumbering, profoundly stupid targets for brainy furballs.

I don;t have a problem with "2"; however, Reptilia is very much monophyletic
as long as you put Aves in Reptilia (as is done by many workers today).

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