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Re: [Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...]

On Tue, 30 May 2000 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 5/29/00 11:12:15 PM EST, dinogami@hotmail.com writes:
> << At any rate, what would we have the _Carnotaurus_ individuals say?  
>  "Hello there, pack!  We'd like to join you in the Nesting Grounds so that we 
>  may continue to kill and devour the old, sick, and weak!  That's Life, you 
>  know!  It's unavoidable!  We deserve the same rights to live as you do!  
>  It's not our fault we were born carnivorous!" >>
> They could have talked like many famous motion-picture villains. Hannibal 
> Lecter, for example. Or they could have said something like, "Nyah hah 
> hah--look at the lunch that just walked in!"

Or consider the sequel: Dinosaur 2, with no controls, the dinos multiply
beyond the capacity of the land and starvation ensues.

They'll be BEGGING for a predator to come in. (Who, of course, will
refuse, given the earlier treatment given them.)