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Re: Talarurus (was Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...)

  Url, the anklosaur was a bastardized version of a Euoplocephalus.  The
Talarurus was the one in the begining egg-travel sequence.  Early on a
storyboard artist drew a PLACERIAS in it's place.  Everyone was in love with
it's body shape, but I was adamant about using another kind of animal.  A
hippo-like creature was what they wanted, so Talarurus was chosen because of
it's barrel shaped body (the slimmest of the ankylosaurs?)  All it's scutes and
spikes were played way-down, as was that "basket-tail" as to not lose that
hippo silhoutte that they loved.
  I'm not defending any choices, as I would hate to take away any "bashing
rights" for the film, but I've noticed that some peolple are genuinely
interested in how the creatures turned out the way they did!

  David Krentz