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Re: [Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...]

>  At any rate, what would we have the _Carnotaurus_ individuals say?
"Hello there, pack!  We'd like to join you in the Nesting Grounds so that we
may continue to kill and devour the old, sick, and weak!  That's Life, you
know!  It's unavoidable!  We deserve the same rights to live as you do!
It's not our fault we were born carnivorous!"<

   There was a funny line in the Lion King that was cut from the final film.
 It got the biggest laugh in early screenings.

Mufasa.  "...and in turn we die we feed the grass with our bodies, and then the
           antelope eat    the grass.  It's all part of the great circle of

Young Simba. " but dad, don't we eat the antelope?.."

Mufasa (flustered).  " well, yes.. but .. ah.. you ask too many questions!"

  David Krentz