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credits? (was Re: Impressions - Dinosaurs on screen

aw heck, I saw the movie and enjoyed it.  I liked Url's animations esp. 
Too bad we never saw any of the plant-eaters eating.

The small theater I saw it in hadt a lot of people looking at me funny
when I applauded all the paleo artists in the credits (they scrolled
pretty fast).

Who was on the main list of concept artists? I recall Richard Delgado
and David Krantz, of course, but have mentally lost the other 4
artists.  And I remember seeing Brian Franzak's name in a different area
of credit, but don't rememebr what he worked on.  I don't recall seeing
William/Bill Stout in the credits at all.

Was there a reason to de-emphasize the Iguanadon thumb-spike in the
character design?

-Betty Cunningham

HPB1956@aol.com wrote:
> Some days ago I bought a copy of Newsweek dated May 15 titled "Dinosaur!". It
> was a report about the new Disney movie. The cover showed a picture of the
> Iguanodon Aladar with some lemurs on his back.
> I did hear about the movie before but somehow I felt disappointed. These
> modern up to date computer graphics are very impressive. This is some kind of
> computer generated "Land before Time" looking very real. Mind you, I'm no
> purist saying "You shall not humanize dinosaurs by creating talking dinosaurs
> on screen!".
> But I was somehow reminded of the days of yore :-) when in 1993 Jurassic Park
> hit the screens. It was a story about recreated Dinosaurs in a modern world.
> They were shown as animals, animals capable of adaption to their new
> environment. There was no pretense for hundred percent correctness (just
> remember the frog DNA).
> But it created quite an enormous public discussion about how Dinosaurs lived
> and behaved. In the wake of the movie suddenly many books were available here
> in Germany either as translation or as original edition. So I were able to
> get e.g. Dinosaur Heresies, in german translated Dinosaurus! by David Norman
> and A new look at the Dinosaurs by Alan Charig.
> Time Magazine had a story (April 26, 1993) titled "Rewriting the Book on
> Dinosaurs" discussing the newest discoveries on dinosaurs with a small add on
> report titled "Behind the Magic of Jurassic Park". With the story in Newsweek
> it's rather the other way - a big story about the movie and it's making, a
> shorter story discussing new discoveries. Perhaps that's the "modern" way -
> first show business, then science.
> In November 1999 Walking with Dinosaurs was broadcasted in Germany. It was
> titled "Im Reich der Giganten", which means "In the Kingdom of Giants"
> (stupid translation)! WWD is a very interesting and impressive documentary
> but I think that's the problem. It showed once and for all how dinosaurs and
> other mesozoic animals lived and looked like. To rephrase Bruce Hornsby
> ""That's the way it was". I remember my seven year old son saying "But they
> showed it that way!" Some kind of comment explaining what was proven and what
> was a well founded speculation was missing.
> So for originality of story and starting a wide public discussion about
> dinosaurs it's kudos to Jurassic Park. But of course this is only my personal
> point of view regarding JP, WWD and Dinosaur!. And I haven't even seen this
> new movie myself.
> Cheers
> Heinz Peter Bredow
> Bremen, Germany

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