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Re: Sue Photos Online (Good ones!)

Ralph Chapman illustrated this very well with a slide of 4 people
struggling to hold up the (pelvis or femur I think) in his talk on the
scanned Triceratops.  I could see this being displayed on a rack as
saving some poor paleo student a hernia in the future.


chris brochu wrote:
> Another reason, which I learned the hard way while working on Il Monstro -
> for some larger fossils, it is easier to study the material if mounted than
> if not.  Try lifting a large tyrannosaur femur to see the other side, and
> you'll see what I mean.  (The first part of Sue I ever saw was the left
> ilium.  A big croc left ilium fits in your hand.  Sue's filled a table.
> The scale was a bit different from what I'd grown accustomed to.)  This is
> not true for all elements, but as I said above, the bones are removable for
> up-close examination.

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