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Re: credits? (was Re: Impressions - Dinosaurs on screen

On Tue, 30 May 2000 09:50:30   Betty Cunningham wrote:
>aw heck, I saw the movie and enjoyed it.  I liked Url's animations esp. 
>Too bad we never saw any of the plant-eaters eating.
>The small theater I saw it in hadt a lot of people looking at me funny
>when I applauded all the paleo artists in the credits (they scrolled
>pretty fast).
>Who was on the main list of concept artists? I recall Richard Delgado
>and David Krantz, of course, but have mentally lost the other 4
>artists.  And I remember seeing Brian Franzak's name in a different area
>of credit, but don't rememebr what he worked on.  I don't recall seeing
>William/Bill Stout in the credits at all.

Well, there was Mark Hallett, and I think Stout was mentioned, too.  I don't 
recall seeing any mention of Pete Von Sholly, even though I believe he worked 
on the movie, too.  David, can you clear any of this up? :-)


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