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RE: Sue Photos Online

In my experience as a docent for the Jobaria exhibit, it was my observation
that people were genuinely interested in whether or not the bones were the
actual bones from the dinosaur. The number one question that I received from
the public was "Are those the real bones?". Followed by "Why aren't the real
bones used for the display?". A popular spot at the exhibit was where the
actual femur bone was available for the public to touch.

Chris Lipkin
Volunteer Preparator
University of Chicago

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        >the public, in my experience, frequently just assumes -- and
        probably expects -- that _all_ mounts are 100% real bone, even when
        actually casts (undistorted or not).<

        >Tell them [the "public"] why, and they basically will shrug and
say, "oh"<

        >for the most part, the general public doesn't know or care about
why the
        bones are distorted.<

        Pesky public...