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RE: Sundry responses of Bois

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> Ronald Orenstein
> >Refuting John Bois' egg predation "explanation" for dinosaur extinction
> >seems to be a recurring activity hereabouts, so if any of this
> sounds like
> >stuff I've said before I apologize!
> Lillegraven and Eberle comment in 1999 paper, that in the cross K/T strata
> >that they studied, the _only_ apparent change was the disappearance of
> >non-avian dinosaurs.
> I am curious as to the extent, both temporally and geographically, of the
> period covered by this paper.

The paper in question is:
Lillegraven, J.A. & J.J. Eberle.  1999.  Vertebrate faunal change through
Lancian and Puercan time in southern Wyoming.  Journal of Paleontology

The stratigraphic coverage is the latest Maastrichtian and earliest
Paleocene Ferris Formation of the Hanna Basin, southern Wyoming.  The
taxonomic coverage is vertebrates.

In fact, Lillegraven & Eberle record extinctions among freshwater sharks,
lissamphibians, turtles, a squamate, saurischians, ornithischians,
multituberculates, marsupials, lepticids, and cimolestids.  However, many of
the mammal occurrances were singletons (a single specimen), so their
significance is less than those with more than one specimen distributed at
multiple levels.

This paper does not attempt to address global terrestrial, nor any marine,
extinction patterns of the K-T boundary; it simply looks at the data in one
well-sampled western North American section.

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