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Various & sundry SVP replies (was RE: JVP, SVP...too many 'VP's...)

> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> ekaterina amalitzkaya
> One can only marvel at the kinds of hang-ups people have with the
>  mere act
> of subscription for a scholarly journal. With such an attitude it is
> unlikely that the real science of paleontology reaches the
> public. All they
> will have is the "interest" and the pseudo-scientific press to whet their
> tastes.

Sorry about the misunderstanding: as Mary Kirkaldy pointed out, you CAN
subscribe to JVP without joining SVP.  SVP is indeed a professional society,
and like professional societies for neurology or computational geometry or
igneous petrology, membership entails certain privilages: voting on
particular issues, electing a representative board, etc.

> It is time that paleotologists make their work more accessible to
> the public with all the science un-diluted rather make statements about
> others naivette. For example of the large section of 10-12 year old kids
> getting excited about a new giant theropod there would be at least some
> willing to pour over the bones and pursue science with great vigor. They
> sure are as entitled to reading or writing a scientific a
> scientific paper
> on a carcharodontosaur as an 18 year old with high ethical concerns

And they are welcome to read the journal!  In fact, I encourage any of you
who are in an area where JVP is not easily accessible to subscribe or to
petition for your local library to subscribe: the Society can use more
money!!  (Despite extremely ignorant and insulting comments to the contrary,
the SVP has a healthy capitalist interest for a non-profit organization;
people with ideas on raising additional revenue please contact the
Development Committee).

Of course, libraries themselves are WAY underfunded right now; even research
institutions and universities go through the nearly annual ritual of seeing
which journal cancellations will be required to keep things in the black or
slightly red.  So, if you are really concerned about access to JVP and other
technical journals: a) vote to keep libraries and research institutions and
universities funded (and yes, this will mean you will be voting to RAISE
TAXES: deal with it) and b) petition your libraries to get these journals.
It's the American thing to do.

Rah!  Go team!  USA!

(Dear friends representing the 5.75 billion plus humans who aren't American:
sorry about the last few bits.  However, when people start throwing Lysenko
comparisons around, it pisses me off).

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