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Re: [Re: [Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...]]


   Actually, I should apologize. I meant to say that we should ask Disney
about all the other errors in the movie (for instance, the Carnotosaurs being
in the same area as the Iguanodontids, etc.). Sorry for the mislead.


"Jerry D. Harris" <dinogami@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > > << Actually, I'm getting tired of the evil theropods in dino >ovies...
> >   Has anyone of us bothered to ask Disney about this?
>    Why bother asking?  The answer is pretty obvious.  Carnivores kill, and 
> killing is _evil_...at least, this is the moral lesson pushed on most of us

> throughout our lives.  (Why that is so is also pretty obvious, but well 
> outside the realm of appropriate subject material for the list, so I won't 
> go there...)  If Disney were to give voices to their carnivores, then they'd

> be effectively raising them to the same "stature" as the talking, 
> anthropomorphized (read: human) animals.  Killers, in the human world, tend

> to be implicitly labeled as something sub-human, contemptible, undeserving 
> of compassion or consideration; were Disney (or anyone else) to give the 
> carnivores a voice, they'd be saying that the needs of the killers are just

> as deserving of consideration as the needs of the non-killers, and I think 
> we all know that this isn't going to happen (although I think I recall that

> this Darwinian circle is acknowledged in the "Lion King"...)
>    Of course, we all know and understand that in Nature, killing is 
> perfectly natural and expected, and forms part of the basis for natural 
> selection.  (I did notice that Disney's movie is particularly anti-Darwinian

> this way: the moral lesson it pushes on kids is that the Darwinian attitude

> of Kron and Bruton, to let the weak perish so the strong may survive, is 
> wrong -- instead, the weak should be assisted regardless of the increased 
> threat and/or cost [and, if you note, the strong -- Kron and Bruton -- die 
> instead of the weak!]  And yes, I know that some modern animals, other than

> humans, do help the weak members of their species, but let's not go into 
> that again, OK?)
>    At any rate, what would we have the _Carnotaurus_ individuals say?  
> "Hello there, pack!  We'd like to join you in the Nesting Grounds so that we

> may continue to kill and devour the old, sick, and weak!  That's Life, you 
> know!  It's unavoidable!  We deserve the same rights to live as you do!  
> It's not our fault we were born carnivorous!"
>    ???
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