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Re: Talarurus (was Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies...)

From: David Krentz <David.Krentz@disney.com>

  I'm not defending any choices, as I would hate to take away any "bashing
rights" for the film, but I've noticed that some peolple are genuinely
interested in how the creatures turned out the way they did!

Thanks for the fine explanation. I'm glad you got the _Placerias_ removed!

I thought that the movie was a great piece of cinema. The love story was certainly more touching and believable than in some other current films (M:I-2 crawls to mind). Disney will always take a few liberties with their animals, but these films are not meant to be documentaries. Dinos in entertainment are great. But, then again, I also enjoyed Jurassic Park and The Lost World, so what do I know?

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