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Re: On science (was Re: a bunch of other stuff)

In a message dated 5/30/00 8:41:54 PM EST, Dinogeorge writes:

<< Sorry, but you're wrong, no matter how hard you scream that I'm wrong. 
That's just the way historical science is, is all, and it's nothing to get 
particularly worked up over, either. >>

I should also mention that I didn't say it was impossible to do empirical 
science in a field such as paleontology. For example, you could construct a 
model of a dinosaur behavior such as walking and compare what your model says 
about dinosaur trackways with actual dinosaur trackways. This would allow you 
to falsify your model. Your model would be supported if actual trackways 
correspond to the predictions of your model, and would be falsified if they 
do not. But this says something about how dinosaurs did >not< walk (behave) 
rather than about how they did walk, although things do advance a bit. Enough 
instances like this and your model will look pretty good.