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SVP in Old Mexico

Since folks who attended seem to be slow about reporting the happenings, I
will start with a few comments.   Our fourth annual dinosaur list breakfast
had a nice turnout, including myself, Kim Heman, Judy Horan, Michael
Skrepnick, Luis Rey and his wife Carmen, John Lanzendorf, Max Salas and his
wife Martha, Ralph Chapman, Tom Holtz, Pete Buchholz, Scott Hartman, Tracy
Ford, David Lovelace, Josh Smith and John Anton.  Dick Peirce also arrived,  
though a little late :-).   We dedicated the get-together to Betty
Cunningham, who had attended last year, and raised a toast to Betty.  Thank
you to Kim Heman of Primordial Soup for donating dinosaur claw and tooth
replicas and to Luis Rey, who donated one of his prints for prizes.

Just some impressions of the meeting.  Despite dire warnings of low
attendance, 500 people were there.  That was low as compared to the 1000 who
attended the Denver meeting, but was a respectable turnout for what was an
expensive trip for most.  The dinosaur list contributed some outstanding
talks, including those of Tom Holtz (a "big name in paleontology"),  Scott
Hartman, Ralph Chapman, and Josh Smith.  

The dinosaur list  members also received some honors:  John Hutchinson
received the Romer Prize and Tom Lipka, who unfortunately could not attend,
received the Bryan Patterson Award for field studies (one of two awards).  
John Lanzendorf's paleoart awards were given out at the banquet, with one of
Mike Trcic's sculptures winning an award and John Gurche's mural of Sue
winning the 2 dimensional award.

Speaking of art, we had a unique experience at dinner one night.  A group of
us went to dinner at Fonda Del Refugio, which frames cloth napkins on which
guests have drawn various things.  Since we had Brian Cooley, Bob Walters and
Michael Skrepnick at the table, the three of them drew terrific dinosaur
scenes on the napkin.  The hosts were thrilled, and we got a tour of the
kitchen plus first class service.  The paleonapkin will be displayed in a
place of honor very soon.  

While not paleo related, many of us were surprised to see Gov. Jesse Ventura
arrive at our hotel for a meeting with the governor of Mexico, who was
staying at the Fiesta Americana Reforma.   Security was very tight at the
hotel and  in the surrounding neighborhood.  

It was a shame that the Saturday afternoon talks were rather poorly attended,
as many folks opted to go shopping at various markets.  The talks in general
were not as controversial as in previous years, and the Oregon and Kansas
contingents were not there to continue the bird/dinosaur argument.   While
Phil Currie came to the convention, he did not give a talk, nor did Greg

Feathers--and lots of them--were seen privately in pictures of a new specimen
which will be published "soon."  Wait for the paper.