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Dinosaur Pictures

Hello All.
A while back, I posted a drawing of an _Eoraptor_ head. Well, I still haven't found a scanner, but I have put up a section on my webpage that is just my dinosaur illustrations. They are mostly Triassic-Jurassic theropods, but there is a _Stegosaurus_, a sauropod and two dromeosaurs. If anyone is interested in checking it out, it can be found at:
I know a few of the pictures have errors that I know of (_Coelophysis_ and _Dilophosaurus_ heads, in particular; the eyes are too big), but if there's anything else that could use corrections in the next drawing, or any comments, feel free to let me know. Thanks.
Off to New Mexico until Mon. Evening,

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"A _Coelophysis_ with feathers?"

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