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Re: Dinosaur Pictures

In a message dated 11/4/00 6:32:32 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
rob_redwing@hotmail.com writes:

<< I know a few of the pictures have errors that I know of (_Coelophysis_ and 
 _Dilophosaurus_ heads, in particular; the eyes are too big), but if there's 
 anything else that could use corrections in the next drawing, or any 
 comments, feel free to let me know. Thanks. >>

  Rob, If you plan on seriously pursuing paleolife art, I strongly recommend 
studying and drawing modern animals from living specimens, good taxidermy 
mounts, roadkill etc. When I was a kid in an earlier epoch, I used to hang 
around the local natural history museum and do watercolors and drawings of a 
different specimen every day. After a while you get a feeling for anatomy and 
how light and color play around it and you'll see the dinosaur stuff improve 
immensely. Go out a draw and paint landscapes too. The real estate in your 
images should have the same level of authority as your animals.
  Spend some time wandering around the Louis Fuertes website to get an idea 
of what I'm talking about. He was one of America's greatest bird painters and 
a pal of Chas.R.Knight. Check out his studies--it could also be useful since 
we will be painting and drawing a lot more feathers! It's at: 
  Dan Varner.