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Re: Good New Book

>At 16:58 05/11/00 -0600, you wrote:
>>I have a really good new book to recommend to you all.
>>It's called the Variety of Life, and it's written by British biologist
>Colin Tudge.  Basically, it classifies and describes every creature that
>has ever lived.  There are probably about 30 cladograms, including some
>really nice ones tracing the evolution of archosaurs, birds, mammals, and
>specifically primates and humans.
>>It's probably the single best classification book that I've seen.
>>This book was published by Oxford, and you can probably find it on their
>Yep, it's a mammoth work by a good guy. Best way for non-brits to get hold
>of it is probably through amazon.co.uk. (It'll only make it onto amazon.com
>if it has a US version/distributor).

I was able to get a copy from amazon.com, and have seen it for sale at both
Barnes & Noble and Borders here in the states.

I agree that this is a good book.  The only reason I hesitated in
purchasing a copy is that many of the phylogenetic hypotheses discussed are
likely to change, so this is a book likely to go through multiple editions
(a problem that would plague any book on this topic).


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