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Re: Good new book & cladistics

I have a really good new book to recommend to you all.

It's called the Variety of Life, and it's written by British biologist Colin Tudge.  Basically, it classifies and describes every creature that has ever lived.  There are probably about 30 cladograms, including some really nice ones tracing the evolution of archosaurs, birds, mammals, and specifically primates and humans. 
It's probably the single best classification book that I've seen.<<

I recommend this website as well for a complete tree of life in the works: http://phylogeny.arizona.edu/
Also, this site has good dino cladistics: http://www.dinosauria.com/dml/dmlf.htm
I am sure many of you have heard of one or both of those, but I thought they are respectable sources, so I could mention them.
Peace out, Demetrios Vital