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two moreRe: Twin Dinofests

>Evidently there will be a Dinofest in Dallas in spring of 2001, following the
>closing of the Chicago Dinofest in January.  No word on whether or not this
>one will include an art show or symposium.

Ladies and Gents,
        If I may:

1.  The Field Museum will be hosting a program entitled "Dinosaurs and
More!" this weekend.  I'll be around on Saturday with Il Monstro, and other
Field Museum paleontologists will be giving presentations on their work,
including John Flynn on his early Mesozoic Malagasy research and Darin
Croft on South American mammals.  Sue Hendrickson will also be around.
Some details can be gotten from the Museum's web site (www.fmnh.org).

2.  The Field Museum will also be hosting a one-day symposium on May 12,
2001 on the paleobiology and phylogenetics of large theropods.  We will be
focusing on the work being done by the "younger cohort," specifically
people currently in postdoctoral positions and just completing their
dissertation work.  We are focusing on large theropods because (a) we have
one and (b) there have been several good symposia and meetings on small
theropods and origin-of-birds issues, and we thought it time the larger
beasts had their moment.  We plan to publish the proceedings.  More on this


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