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Dinosaur Flesh Reconstructions

Hi everyone,

This is my first message to the list, but I've been tuning in on and off
for a while now, and I must say how much I've enjoyed the discussions.

I'm looking for sagittal and dorsal "fleshed out" skeletal reconstructions
(Greg Paul style) for a few dinosaurs, in order to come up with some mass
estimates, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with some
references. I've done a fairly complete literature search, and I've come up
with about half of the taxa I'm after, but I'm still left needing a few.

Those I'm after are:

_Troodon formosus_
_Massospondylus carinatus_
_Psittacosaurus mongoliensis_ (I have several sagittal views here, but no

Failing that then if anyone knows of accurate flesh reconstructions in both
of these profiles then I'd greatly appreciate those.

Please contact me off-list with replies.

Thanks in advance

Jason Moore

Department of Earth Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
Great Britain