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Re: Good New Book

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000 06:47:45   
 chris brochu wrote:

>I was able to get a copy from amazon.com, and have seen it for sale at both
>Barnes & Noble and Borders here in the states.
>I agree that this is a good book.  The only reason I hesitated in
>purchasing a copy is that many of the phylogenetic hypotheses discussed are
>likely to change, so this is a book likely to go through multiple editions
>(a problem that would plague any book on this topic).

Yeah, taxonomy (systematics) is a quickly changing field, and for that reason 
this book may not be the greatest for professional paleontologists and the 
like. But, for somebody like myself who is trying to learn more about 
classification, in hopes that I may pursue a career in science, it is one of 
the best books out there.  It's a good, albeit expensive ($45 or so), volume.  

I'll be reviewing it on my website in a few weeks or so.


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