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Re: Good New Book

The Lophophorata have long been considered closely related to deuterostomes, and the trochozoans long regarded as related to ecdysozoans.
I have no objection to recognizing Lophotrochozoa as a paraphyletic group giving rise to the other two (if one finds it useful), but treating it as a holophyletic clade is definitely a cladistic no-no.
What synapomorphies do the Hox genes of Lophotrochozoa display that indicates that it is a clade, or any other lophotrochozoan synapomorphies for that matter?
Cheers, Ken
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Subject: Re: Good New Book
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 18:45:13 EST

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kinman@hotmail.com writes:

>      Does he recognize a holophyletic Lophotrochozoa as a major clade of
>  Metazoa (a presently popular bandwagon many people are jumping on these
>  days).

I'm still curious to find out just which lophotrochozoans you consider closer
to deuterostomes or ecdysozoans (or both together?) than to other

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