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Anonymous Rex TV Show

>From the Cinescape movie news site:

The Sci Fi cable network and Alliance Atlantis have picked
up the rights to Eric Garcia's Anonymous Rex to develop
as a TV series, according to Variety columnist Michael
Fleming. Garcia's story is set on an Earth where dinosaurs
never died out, instead choosing to go into hiding as they
moved upwards through evolution. Now, in the present, they
keep the truth of their existence hidden by disguising
themselves as humans in full body rubber suits. One of
them, a velociraptor named Vincent, works as a private eye.
In Garcia's book, when a human who has learned the
dinosaur secret is murdered, Vincent investigates the case.

The project has been placed on the fast track. Garcia will
write the pilot episode as well as co-executive producer the
series. Plans are for the dinosaurs to hit the small screen in
fall 2001.