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Re: Bakker & whiptails - jog my memory please!

In the November 1994 issue of _Earth_, Bakker describes his theories on how
sauropods used both their whip-like tails and their suppossedly powerful
jaws to defend themselves.  Kinda like "sauropod ninjas", with megalosaurs
being whipped, bitten and flipped all over the place.

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Subject: Bakker & whiptails - jog my memory please!

> Hello:
> Can any of you recall that popular article by Robert Bakker that appeared
> few years ago where he introduced readers to his concept of sauropods
> their tails defensively as bullwhips.  (At least I think it was BAkker who
> wrote this.  If not, who wass it then?)
> Do any of you recall the article I am only vaguely recalling?  If you do
> you slip me the magazine reference citation so I can track it down again?
> (You can reply to me instead of  the group.)
> Thanks,
> Allen