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New Italian Theropod

Hi all,
        this morning (at least in this part of the world) it has been released 
press the announcement of the finding of a new theropod dinosaur in
Northern Italy.
Despite the specimen is incomplete, it allows to recognize that it is
large *tetanuran* (= three fingered, allosaur-like). It is really
interesting because it is Sinemurian in age, thus possibly one of the
oldest known *tetanurans*. It has one of the most beautifu furculae ever
seen in such theropods. The size of preserved portions, (humerus, phalanges
pieces of ribs and of the scapula) match the size of a fairly large
_Allosaurus_. The discovery, preparation have been, and future study will
be, conducted by the staff of the Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano, where
Cristiano dal Sasso (Scipionyx, Scipionyx!) works. 

                                Silvio Renesto 

"Before being enlightened,   hard work; after enlightenment, hard work"
(Guo Yunshen).

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