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RE: [svp notes and other stuff]

I could be wrong, but I seem to remember from a fairly recent herpetology
class that rattlesnakes often give out different doses when they bite.  I
remember the instructor saying that they had to "remember" to squeeze their
venom sacs when they bit, therefore you might get a huge dose, a "normal"
dose, a "small" dose, or even no dose of venom at all.  Maybe its something
they learn to control as they get larger?

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> archosaur@usa.net wrote:
> > Such extremely potent venom delivered in such exaggerated doses seems
> kinda
> > nutty, unless perhaps the ancestors of the Taipan and other venomous
> snakes,
> > were hunting much larger prey. 
> I don't know much about the Taipan, but the venom presumably also provides
> a 
> defense against larger predators, in which case a far greater toxicity
> than 
> needed to subdue their prey might be useful. Can any snakes vary the dose 
> according to what they bite?
> Alan