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SVP and all that.

Just a quick note to thank everyone for an extremely memorable SVP in my
old home town. The dinosaur list gang and the "Feather Mafia" had a
strong presence...always good to meet everyone of you.  I'm a bit
jetlagged now to be sufficiently coherent but hopefully I'll be writing
a full report of my impressions on the meeting for DinoPress, the
Japanese dinosaur magazine and will post something to the list soon. I
will also include some photographs.
The fun didn't stop with the meeting though...the field trip to
Coahuila's spiny desert made us all famous... no need for Peyote: We
were in five Mexican newspapers photographed preparing huge dinosaur
bones and some in our entourage discovered new footprints, a baby
crocodile  and hadrosaur vertebrae. You should have seen Jim Kirkland's
face when "Dr." Vaclav Marsovsky found the baby crocodile... he was in
Just the Museo del Desierto in Saltillo is worth the visit. Thanks to
everyone up there, the Mexican expert staff were marvellous.

Luis Rey

Visit my website on http//:www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey