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Re: Bakker & whiptails - jog my memory please!

Wasn't there a discussion a while ago about sauropods looking between
their legs so it would be easier to see the predator they were trying to
hit? Maybe the lack of binocular vison would make this impossible, or at
least lessen the 'look between the legs' advantage.

Larry Febo wrote:

>  Just some more "afterthoughts" on the subject...I can see the
> Sauropod tail  possibly being used as a defensive weapon by knocking
> over a predator (using the bulk of the tail, and swinging the body
> around). I can also see the tail being used to "trip" the predator by
> use of the distal section wrapping around a predators legs
> (...perhaps). But for it to use the very tip of the tail in a whiplike
> fashion would require fairly precise timing and proper distance. Could
> a Sauropod see that clearly the distance from it`s head to it`s tail?
> Even if so, wouldn`t it require binocular vision to judge the
> distance???