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Re: L. Sprague de Camp

In a message dated 11/12/00 11:26:14 AM EST, Danvarner@aol.com writes:

<< Just read that L.Sprague de Camp passed away on the 6th at the age of 92. 
 He and his wife, Catherine, authored an excellent book, _The Day of the 
 Dinosaur_in 1968. De Camp also authored a favorite story from my youth, a 
 time-travel tale titled, _A Gun for Dinosaur_. In the story a member of an 
 American Museum of Natural History expedition is decapitated by a flailing 
 sauropod tail. Dan Varner. >>

This is sad news for me. I met Sprague and Catherine in 1973 at the World Con 
in Toronto. We talked a bit about dinos and they autographed my copy of The 
Day of the Dinosaur, one of the most straightforward popular-level dinosaur 
books ever written. I handed him a printout of my computerized list of 
dinosaur genera. Later (early 1980s) I typeset his book Footprints on Sand 
for his publisher. Sprague was an interesting science-fiction writer and a 
stalwart anti-cr******ist skeptic with great confidence in the scientific 
method. I regret his passing.